Hostel Life

So, you’re wondering how is the hostel life at IIT Ropar?
Let me explain the different things related to hostels:


I and II year have separate hostels, Neptune and Jupiter, where each batch stays for 2 years then shifts to Mercury where 3rd, 4th year BTech, MTech and some PhD students stay. All Girls stay in separate Venus hostel.

In each room 4 boys live together, you are provided 2 Godrej Almirahs and 3 Cupboards and some  overhead space.


  • Barber shop.
  • Laundry.
  • SAC (Student Activity Centre) :
    • Music Room : Well equipped music room with instruments, Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums, etc.
    • Dance Room : Spacious and well managed.
    • Gym : Well equipped gym for exercising. Trainer not present on Sundays.
  • Common Room : For TV watching
  • RO filtered water supply.
  • Geysers for Hot Water Supply in each bathroom common to two rooms.
  • Guest Room : For parents, etc. NOTE : Generally new student’s parents don’t stay here and later when your parents come you should fill the required forms 2-3 days beforehand.
  • Bathroom : Common to 2 rooms hence 8 people.
  • Table and Chair for each student and a LAN port.

Mess, Canteen and Food

You would be eating in the mess common to both Jupiter, Venus and Neptune (Mess-I).
We also have a canteen that open ups around 2-3 AM and other near Mercury that opens up till 4 AM.
We have a decided Mess Menu that changes every 2-3 months/seasonally.


There is literally no ragging, and you can contact the concerned people for any complaints, and such events are taken very seriously by them.
Seniors may ask about you, your branch, hometown etc. trying to familiarize with new people, don’t hesitate to talk to them.
You would also be provided mentors under the ISMP scheme and they would be the dedicated mentors to help you.


Rooms are cleaned daily and the bathrooms around every 2 days.


Weather is very nice here. People coming from south may face problem with the very harsh winters that dip down to 5-6 degrees in Dec-Jan. In summers, it is actually really hot sometimes and a little humid. It rains often.


There are enough security guards for each hostel. You are required to make an entry in a register in case you go from your hostel after 10 PM (remaining still in the campus) and another entry is made if you leave the campus but you must return before 11 PM and there are fines to strictly impose these rules.


We have a huge library that is open 24×7. It also has an OPAC feature to search for the book you want easily through either Intranet or the dedicated computer in the library for this purpose. Every book you would need for any course could be found here, so most probably you won’t need to buy books.


We have the following:
  • 1 basketball court
  • 3 tennis courts
  • 1 cricket ground
  • 2 volleyball courts
  • 1 football ground
  • 2 badminton courts in the MP (Multipurpose) Hall.
  • 2 tennis courts in the MP Hall.
There are Coaches for each of the above sports to help you with.
The MP Hall actually also serves as an auditorium.


We have many-many labs, apart from the basic physics, chemistry, computer science, VLSI design, Power Lab, NMR etc. labs we have different labs for UG and PG students for different fields and also very specific field labs like Nanoscience, Material Science, EDM, CAD Labs etc.


We have an annual Cultural Fest : “Zeitgeist” (German : The spirit of Times), generally it is organised in October, but last year it was organised in Feb.
From this year we are also going to have a great TechFest for which all of us are gearing up.


There are many clubs, it is itself a vast topic,this has already been covered up in our ISMP website under about IIT ROPAR section


For academics please see the post “Academics” in the faq section of ISMP Website.
Written by Aditya Gupta

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