For Registration you would need the documents in the “Documents and Stuff” post and you will need to fill the forms mentioned in the same post, also you would be required to submit a medical report, also mentioned there.

Rooms are given starting from ground floor on a first-come-first serve basis.

You also have LAN and Wi-Fi Facilities that you would be able to use in 5-7 days.

You would be provided an entry number in few days and you should also fill the Library form after that.

Get, if you don’t have, a SBI bank account here at IIT Ropar. We have a bank branch inside the campus and an ATM just outside.

Parents are not necessarily required to come but they don’t stay with you in your rooms, you would have to book rooms in hotels here.

Get your vaccines done.

Highly recommended is to port your number to Punjab rather than buying a new SIM here. If you have a BSNL Sim then it is very good because of no roaming but Airtel has very good connectivity here.

No need of Data Pack, you would be using Institute Wi-Fi Facility.


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